Server Rules

Note: By joining this server you agree to accept and respect all rules listed below

Updated: 12/1/2014

Player Rules

  1. Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof!
  2. Do not use excessive profanity.
  3. Respect all players, disrespect will not be tolerated. Treat each player as you would like to be treated in other words. Name calling is disrespecting too.
  4. Do not spam chat, microphone, or radio commands! This includes using a voice changer.
  5. Do not be a smart ass.
  6. Please speak English only.
  7. Do not apply other server rules to this server!
  8. Prop Killing is not allowed under any circumstance.
  9. Prop Blocking of any kind is not allowed
  10. Do not troll.
  11. Respect the admins decisions, do not complain or argue, it will make everything worse.
  12. Do not advertise other websites/servers.
  13. Please keep discussions toward our server only.
  14. Do not tell an admin how to do their job.
  15. Do not impersonate an admin or any player, change your name.
  16. Do not use names that contain invalid characters. Please have a name that contain valid english letters.
  17. No hacking/exploiting in this server.
  18. Do not spam an admins messages as first resort, use voteban if someone is causing trouble.
  19. No nude/pornographic/disgusting/nasty sprays or anything similar deemed as inappropriate by an admin.
  20. Do not bag on any country, no one cares about what country you think sucks.
  21. Extreme flames/harassment/threats will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
  22. Do not abuse the votekick/voteban features!
  23. Do not evade ban, mute, gag, silence, etc.
  24. Do not bypass the AFK kicker.
  25. Do not hoard props. Collecting to build stuff is fine but if your not going to use it, clean it up.
  26. Players may not charge or extort any other players for any type of currency for any type of service. This will be stricly inforced. Punishment may include up to a complete reset of player profile.
  27. Players may not sell / trade MCash.
  28. Donators are not allowed to sell/trade donator only items/privledges
  29. Player's are not allowed to lay claim on sections of the map, unless cleared with staff previously.
  30. Do not spam the pvp system.
  31. Players and Admins are not allowed to teleport or "move" players into blocked areas. No clip and teleport is for the use of only the players that have it.
  32. Do not kill friendly NPCs unless the owner of the NPC is ok with it.
  33. Do not drive boats into other players / onto land. They are meant for the water. Keep them in the water. Failure to follow this rule may lead to removal of vehicles or if offense is continuous, possible kick or ban.

Admin Rules

  1. Admins are expected to follow all rules listed above for players.
  2. Admins are not allowed to use admin commands unless a situation arises that calls for it.
  3. Admins are not allowed to give other players items unless such item is the result of a mini-game or event.