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Global A new administration application process coming
Hey Everyone,

We have identified that the way we currently select administrators is rather... slow and broken with the current size of the community and the lack of help. With that said, Zombie and I have bounced some ideas off of one another to figure out a better solution to our current issue. I have decided that the application process needs to change. 

The admin application area will turn into just that, an application area. The selection process will no longer be a multi-day thing where we ask questions, the give answers, etc. The process will be changing to more of an interview format. The process is shown below
  • Player applies for admin
  • -> Someone adds the player when they are ready to do the interview.
  • ->> The player will be asked the same line of questioning they were asked in the past process. 1-2 questions from the staff member survival guide and one of my famous hypothetical questions.
  • ->>> When the interview process is done (which we estimate should take no more than maybe 10-15 minutes), We will determine the eligibility of the applicant usually on the spot but may have to refer to other people for suggestions. 

When this process is phased into light, I will be pruning staff members, including super staff. Zombie brought to my attention a huge need for new staff and upon investigating, it looks like we have a big need for more staff in the servers. If anyone has any questions or concerns on the matter, feel free to voice them in the replies to this thread. 
Vince - Owner and founder of Mythic Servers
- Self-proclaimed programming mastermind -
No questions. No suggestions. This looks like a super improvement upon what we've had in the past. Can't argue with good logic!
If you need an Admin on MelonBomber don't hesitate to send me a message on Steam, Skype or here!
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I am curious, did the staff pruning happen by now, or do you still need to process this operation?
Banana :v
Sounds good. MythicServers really needs a bigger community to be honest, it would help a lot.
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We definitely need more staff on Fish since I only ever see James get on besides myself
If you are in need of administrative help on Fish, feel free to contact me.
Have an idea for the wiki? Post a thread in suggestions tagging me or James.

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