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Fish Server Guide to using the Advanced Fishing Rod
First Time Use
Using the advanced fishing rod can be difficult when you first use it, but I can assure you that it's very easy to use and get used to. The controls are very basic and easy to remember.
Reel Down = Left Mouse Button
Reel Up = Right Mouse Button
Faster Reeling = Shift + Left/Right Mouse Button
Slower Reeling = Alt + Left/Right Mouse Button
Releasing Catch = R
Releasing Bait = E
Bait Menu = B
Selling/Collecting Items = E/R
Any item that you catch that has question marks for the price, should be collected by pressing E as it will grant you more money than by selling it. Also anything marked as (Special Catch) should only be collected and not sold as these are MCash Shop items and aren't easy to obtain.

Easy Experience
When using the advanced fishing rod for the first time, you will probably find that it's hard to gain xp to unlock new baits. This simple guide will help you gain xp and hopefully make you an expert with the advanced rod. By now, you should know that you unlock your first bait at level 9 and it can take some time to do. To start, you want to use the cash register which is the default bait and use it until you gain enough xp to reach level 9. During the long process, you will start making some money also. Once you reach level 9, the helicopter bomb will make leveling a bit more easier as you have a chance of getting a helicopter bomb which grants 100 xp. You want to keep using the helicopter bomb until you reach level 52. Once you reach level 52, you will unlock the antlion gib and you will have a chance of catching an ichthyosaurs which can grant you 1-2 levels per catch. Be aware that the antlion gib is a bit pricey, so you should continue using the helicopter bomb till the antlion gib is on sale for a reasonable price.

Once you reach level 80, you can move onto either the paint bucket or pickaxe. The paint bucket grants you 140 xp per painting that you catch and as an added bonus, you also have a chance of catching the painting beret. The pickaxe is good depending on the type of gem that you collect. The pickaxe can grant you between 100 xp - 1 level, but beware, the pickaxe is extremely pricey and I would recommend buying it when it's on sale for 80-90%.

Fishable MCash Shop Items
There are certain items on the server that can only be obtained by fishing for it with the advanced fishing rod. To obtain the diamond sword, you need to fish for it using the steve head and it has a catch rate of 1:1,500,000. The painting beret can be obtained by using the paint bucket and has a catch rate of 1:1,000,000. The combine should can only be obtained by using the combine bait and has a catch rate of 1:800,000. The cake and the pizza are obtained by using the shopping cart. The cake has a catch rate of 1:700,000 while the pizza has a catch rate of 1:1,000,000. The party hat is obtained by using the party hat bait and has a catch rate of 1:1,000,000. All of the obtainable materials can be caught at random using any bait and have a catch rate of 1:1,000,000. The Ultra has a catch rate of 1:2,000,000,000.

To put the rates into perspective of rarity, Mythic has given me a list.

20,000 - 100,000 is uncommon
100,000 - 500,000 is rare
500,000 - 1,000,000 is mega rare
1,000,000 - 10,000,000 is super rare
10,000,000 is ultra rare

Upgrading the Advanced Fishing Rod
When going to upgrade the advanced fishing rod for the first time, most people invest in the wrong upgrades. The two main stats you want to really worry about is reel speed and hook force. Your reel speed determines how fast you lower and reel in your hook and you want to have this at 100 which is the maximum. The hook force determines how strong your hook is and will prevent seagulls from easily stealing your catches. You want to have a hook force of about 500, but you could also increase it just to be safe. Hook length isn't really important as it just extends the rod and really isn't necessary, but you should have it between 15-20. The string length determines how far down you can cast your rod and doesn't really have any benefit after a depth of 30.

I hope you guys find this guide helpful and I'm open to suggestions on making this guide better.
If you are in need of administrative help on Fish, feel free to contact me.
Have an idea for the wiki? Post a thread in suggestions tagging me or James.

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