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Mythic Servers' Staff Member Survival Guide
Mythic Servers' Staff Member Survival Guide
By: Mythikos

I want to start out by saying that the contents of this document may sound mean or even strict but I need to get my points across so there is less confusion between staff members. In this document I shall explain the staff member code of conduct and behavior that I expect all Mythic Servers staff members to exhibit in this community. I will also be addressing how to properly punish player and explaining in more detail the WWKB tiers of administration.

Staff Member Code of Conduct

Each staff member in the Mythic Servers' community is expected to follow a specific code of conduct on how to act in and out of our servers.When you are a staff member of a community you are, in a sense, a face of that community. How you act, how you portray yourself directly affects the community you are part of. With that said, the following are a list of guidelines all staff members are expected to follow (not following these guidelines may in fact cause you to lose your staff position).

Each staff member of Mythic Servers is expected to DO:
  1. Be helpful and respectful at all times (in and out of the community).

  2. Act in a professional manner when on duty.

  3. Perform your duties fully.

  4. Realize that you are still just a player but a player that has made the choice to help the community. You are not above the community, you are part of it.

Each staff member of Mythic Servers is expected NOT to do:
  1. Flame, harass, demean, troll, or otherwise make-fun of any players inside or outside of this community.

  2. Violate any of the server rules in affect for that server. In addition, you are expected to enforce the rules of the server you are on at the time.

  3. Make decisions that directly violate server rules or head admin orders.

  4. Attempt to use your position as a staff member to gain an unfair advantage against others.

  5. Be biased and unfair in your choices and decisions.

These are not hard rules to follow and again I expect all my staff members to act in this fashion.

The WWKB Tier System

This is probably the most confusing thing I ask of my staff members. So what is the WWKB Tier System? The WWKB is a system I developed after many years of working as an administrator and community owner. WWKB stands for Warning, Warning, Kick, Ban. Let me explain in detail each level of the WWKB. Of course there are infractions that will be treated differently than the WWKB and those will be explained later in this document.

First Warning Level
  • At the first warning level it should be quite obvious what I mean. Dependent on the user's infraction, you should issue them a warning. Possibly ask them why it is they just broke that rule. Typically players are not 100% on the rules therefore are not making direct decisions to break the rules.Note: At this level, it is best not to distribute punishments lest you look like an iron fisted staff member.
Second Warning Level
  • At this point you should have already noticed the player either. At this stage you will give them another warning. It is best to inform them that this is their last warning before action will be taken. A good thing to also do at this stage is to suggest they read the rules of the server.Note: At this stage it is okay to mute/gag/gimp/slay/jail/etc players as punishment. Just because it is a warning stage doesn't mean the other players in the server need to suffer because of one player.
Kick Level
  • At this point, you should be fully aware of the situation and you yourself have come to the decision that the player is not fixing their behavior. You should have already issue them 2 warnings and performed other means of punishment before pursuing this one. However, if you feel that the only way to make them realize this behavior is not okay is a kick then do so.
Ban Level
  • If you have reached this level of the tier system, then the player is not willing to cooperate with the staff of the server and is causing a bad time for the other players. This is also the level of the tier system I see the most abuse on. I shall give a brief temp-ban/perm-ban breakdown. Temp Bans: A temporary ban is for a player that is not acting as they should be. In example mic spam, excessive swearing, minging, etc. Typically a temp ban should NEVER span past 2 weeks total time. If it spans past 2 weeks, you need to consider the degree of infraction and make sure you are making the correct decision.Perm Bans: A permanent ban is for a player you feel will not correct his actions if he is allowed to return to the server. Actions like these would be racism, excessive harassment, sexism, etc. This is a last resort but some people are not willing to change.
So this is the WWKB system. It has served me well throughout the years and should work as a solid baseline for all staff members in the community.

Exceptions to the WWKB system

While you should always try to follow the WWKB tier system, there are certain actions that require immediate punishment no matter if you feel the player is willing to change. The reason we would require immediate action is because Mythic Servers' has a strong ethical code. We are a community consisted of players between many ages and different genders and as staff members of this community it is our job to protect all of them. With that said the following listed actions are to not be tolerated under ANY circumstance and actions must immediately follow.

  1. Sexual Harassment: This is a big one. I DO NOT care how funny the player thinks he/she is or how funny everyone else finds it. If someone is being sexually harassed you are obligated to respond immediately. Failure to do so will, without a doubt, result in you as a staff member losing your position in this community. The punishment for sexual harassment is a permanent ban. No exceptions.

  2. Server Security: If a player is threatening the security of the server or the security of any player in the server, you as a staff member, are to respond immediately. Punishments for such actions include a 2 week temp ban or perm ban dependent on what you as the staff member feel is appropriate. (You would do well to notify Mythic if something like this occurs).

  3. Excessive Racism: If a player is making many racial comments or has isolated and is picking on a particular player, you are to respond immediately. Racism is for small minded and ignorant people and I will not allow it in my community. Punishments for racism is mute/gag, temp ban (1 week or more), or perm ban. The punishment you choose is based on your discretion.

More will be added to this list as time goes on and I remember more.Remember, if any of the above exceptions to the WWKB system are ignored, action against you will be taken.

Final Note

Just keep in mind that you are, at the end of the day, still a member of the community. But you are also a peacekeeper and are a reason that Mythic Servers is such a respected community. Just remember to fair,polite, and respectful. That's all it takes

Lead not by fear but by respect

Vince - Owner and founder of Mythic Servers
- Self-proclaimed programming mastermind -

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